Galih Laras Prakoso

Hello, my name is Galih Laras Prakoso, I'm an Apple Developer Academy graduate from Indonesia. I'm a T-Shaped Software Developer with 4+ years of product and engineering, focusing on building web and mobile apps for e-commerce, and e-groceries platforms. I'm working for one of the leading e-groceries and supply chain company in Indonesia called Sayurbox while also co-founding a small company called Garage Game Store, a one-stop gaming-commerce platform.

Something more about me, I love music and philosophy.


  1. Fulltime Software Engineer

    • Released Major Version (2.0)
      Previously the apps were coded in separated codebase between native apps and web app, I was involved in a team to refactor the app to a single codebase for web and native (Android and iOS). Increased engineering efficiency and conversion rate.
      ReactReact NativeAndroidiOS
    • Released B2B Web Merchants
      Enable multitenant capability of existing web app to serve our B2B merchants.
      ReactReact Native
    • App UI/UX Improvements
      Improved app's UI/UX rating from 3.7 to 4.1 based on external survey and Improved app's easiness to complaint on Apps from 4.1 to 4.4
      ReactReact NativeAndroidiOS
    • App Performance Improvements
      Cleaning up bugs, crashes and Reduce slow experience (page loading time, perceived slowness, slow renders, frozen frames, mobile vitals) on mobile apps reported on Datadog's UX Monitoring that improved the UX of our mobile apps.
      ReactReact NativeAndroidiOSDataDog
    • A/B Testing Experiment and Feature Flag Service Improvements
      Reduce Feature Flag allocation endpoint's latency from P99: ~3s to P99: ~40ms and Improved A/B testing allocation endpoint's latency and CPU usage that improved initial loading time of our consumer apps.
    • Leadership and Collaborations
      Giving direction to some initiatives on Discovery Team and Led the Design System team to develop Storybook and Design System to enhance the collaboration between Tech and Design team.
    • Software Engineering Talent Hirings
      Conducted 80 Live Code and System Design interview.
  2. Co-Founder & Full Stack Software Engineer

    Garage Game Store
    • Built Multi-platform Apps (Web and Android)
      Built multi-platform apps using React Native for our end-users and resellers.
      React Native
    • Built GraphQL API Interface for Consumer Apps
      Built GraphQL API interface to be consumed by our web and native apps that would be used by our end-users and resellers.
    • Built Metabase Dashboards
      Built Metabase Dashboards to help our product team, business team and stakeholders to monitor the conditions of our business in near real-time.
    • Built CMS and OMS Web
      Built Content Management System and Operations Management System using django to manage end-user apps, and the whole operating process that reduced human error while processing transactions and improved the capability of our catalog and marketing team to manage and excecute their initiatives via our multi-platform apps.
      DjangoPythonWeb Scrapping
    • Built Web Scrappers and Workers
      Built python based web scrapper and worker to partially replaced human to process transactions from multiple platforms on multiple merchants.
      DjangoPythonWeb ScrappingMySQL
    • Setup Tech Infrastructure and CI/CD
      Setup the whole tech infrastucture on Digital Ocean and setup auto-deployments on Github Actions for the auto-deployments of our CMS, OMS, Workers, and Consumer Web.
      Digital OceanGithubGithub ActionsNginx
    • Released MVP (0.0.1) Mobile Web
      Built MVP mobile web that serve ~50 resellers that grew transactions from 0 to ~80 transactions per day.
  3. Full Stack Software Engineer

    NetWorth - Smart Asset Manager
    • Built Multi-platform Apps (Android and iOS)
      Built multi-platform apps that helps people to manage all of their assets in single mobile app.
      React NativeGraphQLExpressJSNodeJS